N-400 Naturalization (Citizenship)

Often a U.S. permanent resident can seek U.S. naturalization (citizenship) without the assistance of an attorney.  There are other instances, however, where the facts and law are complex, and an attorney can add value.  In some situations an attorney can simply be useful to drive the process to completion.

Webber Law Firm, LLC, has advised many legal permanent residents (green card holders) on obtaining U.S. citizenship.  We have worked with clients throughout the United States and literally worldwide on these issues.

We have extensive experience dealing with green card holders who have spent or are planning to spend a lot of time physically outside the United States.  We develop comprehensive plans in such situations.  Our work has included filing I-131 re-entry permits, N-470 applications to preserve residence for naturalization and reviewing highly technical provisions of the U.S. Immigration & Nationality Act.  We have succeeded in appealing denials of naturalization applications for expatriate situations.

We have handled a large number of INA 319(b) naturalization cases for foreign-born spouses of U.S. citizen missionaries employed abroad.  Pursuant to INA 319(b), a qualified person can waive all physical presence and residence requirements.