Foreign Entrepreneurs and Investors

Webber Law Firm, LLC has worked with many foreign entrepreneurs and investors.  There are various strategic considerations in such cases, and we always try to understand the long-term objectives of clients.  Often prospective clients have heard of EB-5 investment immigration but are not sure of the details.  We have found that EB-5 is often not a viable or attractive strategy for a variety of reasons and yet we have been successful advising foreign entrepreneurs and investors in L-1A new office cases, which are later converted to permanent residence, as well as E-1 and E-2 temporary investor visas.  In some instances, H-1B and other temporary visa categories can be useful in investment situations.

Webber Law Firm limits its practice to immigration law matters, but we partner cooperatively with an investor’s corporate counsel, both in the United States and abroad, on building a solid case.  We also have a network of referral options for corporate lawyers, accountants, business bankers, and even business brokers who can assist in new business activities.

In one recent successful case, we assisted a Korean entrepreneur in obtaining L-1A visa status to open a new office.  We converted the L-1A new office approval to H-1B status after the first year, then during his 3 years of H-1B time, we helped coordinate immigration issues associated with the entrepreneur’s acquisition of an existing U.S. company which served as a platform for bringing his existing products and services into the United States and ultimately led to a successful EB-1(C) intra-company transferee manager petition approval. He and his family are now green card holders.