Extraordinary Ability and Outstanding Aliens; Aliens working in the National Interest

Webber Law Firm, LLC is proud of our strong record of success in O-1 Temporary Visas as well as EB-1(A) Extraordinary Ability, EB-1(B) Outstanding Researcher, and EB-2 National Interest Waiver (“NIW”) Petitions for Permanent Residence.

We have represented an impressive and diverse group, both individually and through corporate and organizational clients.  Our cases have included experts in architecture, food and animal nutrition, green chemistry, adaptive wireless technology, communications engineering, health information technology, robotics, internet security, credit and financial risk management, medical imaging, pharmaceuticals, neuroimmunology, immunology, hepatology, industrial and commercial design, baking (chefs), and music.  We also successfully obtained an EB-1 Extraordinary Ability approval for one of the world’s foremost hunting dog trainers.

We believe our experience and methodology in these kinds of cases distinguishes us and has gained us strong support and endorsements from clients.  We have actually worked with some individuals after their cases failed or ran out of steam using another lawyer.  A key aspect of our work in these kinds of cases is that we try to be honest in assessing the strength or weakness of a case and build a credible case with the facts and evidence available.  Regrettably there are some lawyers who will oversell their expertise or make unrealistic assurances regarding results.  Our approach is not like that, and we only pursue strategies that we believe will be successful.  We are conservative in our estimates yet aggressive in our preparation of the case.  We work very hard to understand our client’s subject matter expertise in order to “translate” it to USCIS adjudicators.  We work closely with the client to build as strong a case as possible.  We brainstorm on creative ways to present evidence and qualifications, always focusing on how the evidence will be presented to the adjudicating officer.  We use spreadsheets and indices to label and organize information.  We try to highlight and focus on items that will add value to our client’s case.  Over time, the U.S. Immigration Service has become very stingy in issuing approvals for these kinds of cases, particularly to citizens of India and China who are subject to the most substantial employment-based immigrant visa delays, but we continue to have success in these matters.