Churches, Religious Organizations, and Missionaries

Webber Law Firm, LLC has advised a large number of churches, schools, interdenominational religious organizations, mission organizations, and individual pastors, religious workers, and missionaries on religious worker cases, both R-1 temporary religious workers and I-360 permanent residence petitions.  We have some particular expertise working with college campus religious workers, both Christian and Jewish.

We are very familiar with the incredible scrutiny that these cases currently face and try to build strategic and long-term plans consistent with objectives of our clients.  We have worked with the “new” religious worker regulations including the limited availability of premium processing.  We try to always utilize creative approaches to challenging time-sensitive situations.

Our work with religious workers also includes handling a large number of 319(b) “fast track” naturalization cases for spouses of U.S. citizen missionaries serving abroad.  For more information about naturalization, please visit our website page dedicated to our naturalization practice.