Services We Provide

Corporate Immigration

Webber Law Firm, LLC has extensive experience advising employers in corporate immigration matters.  Our experience includes work with some of the largest companies in the country, as well as fast-growing start-ups, and privately-owned businesses. … Read More

Physicians and Healthcare-Related Immigration

Webber Law Firm, LLC has been retained by health systems, hospitals, physicians, and other health science professionals to handle immigration matters.  We have extensive experience with international medical graduates working in both clinical and re… Read More

Foreign Entrepreneurs and Investors

Webber Law Firm, LLC has worked with many foreign entrepreneurs and investors.  There are various strategic considerations in such cases, and we always try to understand the long-term objectives of clients.  Often prospective clients have heard of… Read More

Extraordinary Ability and Outstanding Aliens; Aliens working in the National Interest

Webber Law Firm, LLC is proud of our strong record of success in O-1 Temporary Visas as well as EB-1(A) Extraordinary Ability, EB-1(B) Outstanding Researcher, and EB-2 National Interest Waiver (“NIW”) Petitions for Permanent Residence. We have re… Read More

Churches, Religious Organizations, and Missionaries

Webber Law Firm, LLC has advised a large number of churches, schools, interdenominational religious organizations, mission organizations, and individual pastors, religious workers, and missionaries on religious worker cases, both R-1 temporary Read More

Fiancé, Spouse, and Family-Based Immigration

Webber Law Firm, LLC has advised many clients through the years on family-based U.S. immigration law matters, including K-1 fiance visa petitions, K-3 petitions for spouses, I-130 petitions for spouses, and I-130 petitions for parents and siblings an… Read More

DV Green Card Lottery Processing

Webber Law Firm, LLC has advised several clients through the years on completing the Diversity Visa Lottery program.  Each year the U.S. Department of State conducts a lottery which can lead to U.S. legal permanent residence for qualified applicants… Read More

AC21 Portability

Webber Law Firm, LLC is very familiar with issues commonly known as “AC21 portability,” related to a foreign national changing employers after being sufficiently far into the green card process.  These issues are particularly common for people w… Read More

N-400 Naturalization (Citizenship)

Often a U.S. permanent resident can seek U.S. naturalization (citizenship) without the assistance of an attorney.  There are other instances, however, where the facts and law are complex, and an attorney can add value.  In some situations an attorn… Read More